This public mural, ‘Protection’, was commissioned by the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) in Riba-roja d’Ebre. It draws inspiration from the stunning natural environment and the strong cultural heritage specific to this rural village in Catalunya. The artwork was painted directly onto the wall above the ‘bascula’ (weighing scales) for local agricultural vehicles.

It depicts a female figure crouched at the top as if sat on the roof of the small white building. This figure with arms outstretched as if in flight, has wings protruding from its arms across each side of the wall. The figure’s feet are clasped over the edge of the building.

The building itself has a stack of large-scale books painted onto it. These books form the tower for the figure to perch on. The books are of historical importance to the village, literature, poetry etc in the Catalan language. Either side of the building are silhouettes of the velvety mountain landscape, with natural plant life layered across.

The overall concept of ‘protection’ is embodied through the use of the female figure overseeing the legacy of the language, history and culture of this unique place. The wings visually envelop both the books and the landscape.

The mural was completed as a collaboration between Misselbrook and local graffiti artist Albert Bonet , fusing the two technical approaches within the one piece. Spray paint technique contrasts with detailed, hand finished acrylics. The mural was officially inaugurated on the day of Saint Agda in February 2013.

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