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a-n Block_Chain>The Power of Two


This project has been reviewed by Maija Leipins, CAS programme manager. ‘I click on the link and an image appears – On a mountainside in Catalunya, Sarah Misselbrook chokes back the ashes of her ‘facemask’ of incinerated charcoal drawing… read more »

The Ecological Citizen


The Ecological Citizen: A peer-reviewed ecocentric journal
Misselbrook’s works are featured in Issue 2 of The Ecological Citizen available to read in full for free by clicking here. read more »

Oliver Hall’s mural in Catalonia


Publication: Daily Echo
Written by: Rachel Adams

IT’S the European fight for independence that has shocked the world. read more »

MA Fine Art Show


Publication: a-n magazine
Written by: Dr Stephen Riley

‘Sarah Misselbrook, from the UK, created a striking installation of school desks in various sizes and stages of order and disarray, read more »

Sarah Misselbrook – Arteri


Publication: Arteri – arts and creative magazine

Sarah Misselbrook’ is a Cyprus based artist whose conceptual work uses digital photography, sculpture, casting, and drawing. Her 3D works are a play on traditional sculptural concerns, read more »

Monumental Art


Southampton born artist Sarah Misselbrook is the first exhibitor in the City’s new Bargate Monument Gallery. read more »

Affirmation of a genuine talent


Publication: The Daily Echo
Written by: Kate Thompson

Southampton artist Sarah Misselbrook is bowled over at being the first to exhibit her work in the new Bargate Monument Gallery. read more »

All for art at Bargate


Publication: The Daily Echo
Written by: David Newble

Dozens of business and civic leaders crowded into Southampton’s most emblematic building to mark its rebirth as a contemporary gallery. read more »

Bargate has a brush with art


Publication: The Daily Echo
Written by: David Newble

Art lovers in Southampton have got their first glimpse of how the city’s Medieval Bargate will look as a new contemporary art gallery. read more »

Bargate – open for business


Publication: Chamber of Commerce News

After many years of uncerntainty, Southampton’s most historic monument is to reopen to the public this summer. read more »

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