installation by artist sarah misselbrook



Calvari, Riba-roja d’Ebre, Catalunya

‘Calvari’ is a new installation produced in a site specific location within the village of Riba-roja d’Ebre, Tarragona, Catalunya. The work is produced in response to the name and previous use of the space, Calvari read more »

Past works at the Zona Líquida


Zona Líquida, Riba-roja d’Ebre, Catalunya

A selection of Misselbrook’s past works will be on show at the Zona Líquida running in parallel with the creation of a new site specific work in the village of Riba-roja d’Ebre. read more »



NLCS, Jeju, South Korea

‘Con-nec-ted’ is the installation of works produced within a student focussed project during the school’s Arts Festival. The project involved a series of skill based workshops including body casting read more »



Winchester School of Art, Winchester, UK

‘The final exhibition presents an ambitious, multifaceted installation that encompasses the breadth of the concerns that have preoccupied the artist this past year. read more »



Winchester School of Art, Winchester, UK

‘Pause’ presented further exploration using video recorded performances with edible paper to purge words in order to communicate with the viewer, read more »

Caged bird sings


The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, London, UK

A selection of Misselbrook’s sculptural works including 1m2, Undress Caress and Bird of Paradise were shown in the exhibition entitled ‘Caged Bird Sings’. read more »

Human – nature


The ‘human – nature’ exhibition officially opened the Fenwick 2 Wellbeing Centre, New Forest, UK with it’s newly commissioned artworks. read more »



Bargate Monument Gallery, Southampton, UK

The arts organisation a space presented an exhibition and programme of events designed to stimulate the growing market for art in Southampton. read more »

Urban soul festival


Tripoli Park, Nicosia, Cyprus

The Urban Soul Festival, held in Tripoli Public Park in the heart of Nicosia, Cyprus, was organised by the Pantheon Cultural Association whose aim is to bring upcoming, established and prominent fine artists together read more »

Read me


Havant Arts Centre, Havant, UK

‘Read me’ explored the use of words and text in contemporary art. Misselbrook featured two series of works in this exhibition, ‘I Dream of a Common Language’ 2005 and ‘Know Your Place’ 2007. read more »

How to tell yourself from a TV


En Plo Gallery, Paphos, Cyprus

‘How to tell yourself from a television’ showed new works by Misselbrook, Moran, Hortynska and Cope created in their Paphos based studios. read more »

Unnatural selection


TC’s Rock Bar, Paphos, Cyprus

‘Unnatural selection’ showed new works created by the artist during her stay in Cyprus. An alternative gallery space, the rock bar offered regulars the opportunity to view contemporary art as well as gallery goers entering a different sort of space. read more »

ela,ela iii


La Viande Gallery, London, UK

‘ela,ela’ is the innovative name under which International Artists who originally met at the Cyprus College of Art exhibited their latest works. ‘ela,ela’ moved from its original location in Paphos read more »



Langstone Gate, Havant, UK

Upon a ‘purple dot’ invitation, ‘resurgence’ saw Misselbrook’s work from previous years on exhibition at the opening of a recently refurbished commercial premises in the UK, ‘Langstone Gate’. read more »

ela,ela i


Idrima Panicos Mavrellis, Limassol, Cyprus

This group show at the Panicos Mavrellis gallery in Limassol showed work produced by international artists at Cyprus College of Art and presented the artwork produced whilst obtaining a Post Graduate Diploma. read more »

ela,ela ii


Cyprus College Of Art

ela,ela Pafos saw the culmination of eight months Post Graduate study at the Cyprus College of Art. The group show included traditional landscape and portrait canvases, read more »



The Bargate Monument Gallery, Southampton, UK

Affirmation, Misselbrook’s largest solo show to date, installed at the bargate monument gallery, Southampton, portrayed works surrounding issues of consumerism, beautification and surface image. read more »



City Art Gallery, Southampton, UK

1m2 was temporarily loaned to the Southampton City Art Gallery and exhibited alongside the gallery’s permanent collection. read more »

Sarah Misselbrook


Havant Arts Centre, Havant, UK

This exhibition showed a selection of Misselbrook’s latest works along side pieces dating back to 1996. It encapsulates Misselbrook’s multi-disciplined practice offering for view creations in a variety of media. read more »

End of year show


Michael Naimski Gallery, London, UK

An end of year group exhibition curated by Michael Naimski which included several of the gallery’s core artists. read more »



a space,  Southampton, UK

Artists: Michelle Aburrow, Sarah Misselbrook, Mark Gaynor, Guy Stauber, Vincent Warrican, Dave Golden, Julian Walton, Lance Benham, Daniel Crow & Ben Scott. read more »



ArtVaults, Southampton, UK

The concept of the non-body and the conflict between the sensual and the skeletal is the fuel for the production of the work. read more »

The body


One Tree Gallery, Petersfield, UK

Artists: Louise Banks, Natalie Dowse, Sue Freeborough, Sarah Misselbrook, Perdita Sinclair and Carol Smith. read more »

Mind consuming body


a space Southampton, UK

Featured work – Followed 2000, 1m2 2003, Bird of Paradise 1999, Going That Same Way 1998, A Day in The Life of 1998, Consumer 2003, Monthly 2003, To Myself 2002, First Impression 2001, Self 2003, Untitled 1999. read more »

Self portrait


City Gallery, Southampton, UK

Featured work – Self 2003. Throughout history, artists have represented their own image or person in an enormous variety of ways. read more »

Michael Naimski gallery


Michael Naimski Gallery, London, UK

Featured work – Followed 2000, 1m2 2003, Bird of Paradise 1999, Going That Same Way 1998, A Day in The Life of 1998, Consumer 2003, Monthly 2003, To Myself 2002, Self 2003, Tart 1997, You Me Her 1997, Undress Caress 1998, Face It 1999, Inside Me 1999. read more »

Feast your eyes


Beatrice Royal Contemporary Art & Craft Gallery, Eastleigh, UK

‘Sarah Misselbrook continues to create work which penetrates visually our predetermined ideals and judgements of the female body, combining figurative and abstract ideas.’ read more »

Art fair


The Affordable Art Fair, London, UK

Featured work – To Myself 2002, First Impression 2001.

Having been invited to submit works to the Beatrice Royal Art Gallery, Sarah Misselbrook was represented at the Art Fair read more »

Conceptual interiors


Beatrice Royal Contemporary Art & Craft Gallery

A group exhibition showcased some early works by Sarah Misselbrook and offered a conceptual bodily interior to the show. read more »

Sweet FA degree show


Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK

View the culmination of four years exploration into the socio-cultural concerns about femininity, feminism, the body, individual control and consumption. read more »



Arts and Music Lounge, Southampton, UK

Featured work – Nailed 1996, Dirty Cow 1996, Tart 1997, Untitled 1999, Undress Caress 1998, Dummy 1997 and maquette first editions of Look Out For Me 1996, Going That Same Way 1998, A Day in The Life Of 1998, Bird of Paradise 1999. read more »

Personal exhibition


The Alley Cafe Igloo Arts, Nottingham, UK

Featured work – You, Me, Her 1997, Series of Tart Images 1,2,3 1997. read more »

Final show


School of Art and Design, Portsmouth, UK

Featured work – Nailed 1996, Dirty Cow 1996 and maquette structures of Walk All Over Me 1996, Look Out For Me 1996. read more »

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