The artist was commissioned to create a site-specific sculptural installation at the North London Collegiate School (NLCS) in Jeju, South Korea. The NLCS international school is based on the small volcanic island of Jeju just off the south coast of South Korea.

The artist resided at the school for one month during which extensive topographical, environmental and cultural research was undertaken. The commission was based on the journey of the artist from her studio in Catalunya to Jeju and her experience with the students there taking inspiration from the local, natural environment and the social and cultural exchanges that took place as a result of the commission and residency.

The multi-media installation includes body printing, charcoal making, body casting, casting from natural objects, collaborative performance, photography and collage and remains in the school space permanently. Economics student Kate Brown recently studied the project, researching it’s value for the artist, school and students. Click here to read more.


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