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Publication: Arteri – arts and creative magazine

Sarah Misselbrook’ is a Cyprus based artist whose conceptual work uses digital photography, sculpture, casting, and drawing. Her 3D works are a play on traditional sculptural concerns, the process of adding or taking away. However, this is not achieved using stone or wood but chocolate or soap, degradable or even edible materials which underline the transient state of the body.

The final works show the seductive yet repellent nature of human anatomy. They embody ways of externalising a very internalized self-analysis of the ‘body personal’. Misselbrook’s practice has strongly developed over the last 3 years with solo and group shows both in Cyprus and the UK. She has received generous support from Arts Council England resulting in the creation of the site- specific bodies of work: ‘Absolution’ (above) & ‘Affirmation'(right).

Her latest solo exhibition ‘unnatural selection’ in October 2007, following post graduate studies at Cyprus College of Art, presented new works created on bare canvas using drawing materials and food colourings. The large-scale figurative works picture the artist’s body caught up in the surface image, obsessively drawn in an attempt at dimensional perfection. The smaller series of relief canvases play with the viewers’ desire to inspect up close and personal. ‘..unnatural selection questions the importance of the surface image, prescribed beauty; these bodies are caught up in a symmetrical battle on the canvases. Take away that mirror, that reflection line, line of golden section, perfection; we will never be and are neither perfect nor beautiful. We are here and that is enough, we imperfect everything that is beauty. We take, eat, spoil, devour, consume..’ Sarah Misselbrook 2007

A group exhibition featuring Sarah’s work is on show at En Plo Hall, Pafos Harbour, 1-8 February 2008.

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