New exhibition at En Plo gallery, Paphos

You are all invited to attend the opening of ‘How to tell yourself from a television’ the latest show featuring new works by Sarah Misselbrook and three other international artists; Marcus Cope, Paulina Hortynska and Stephanie Moran.

Marcus Cope has made a life size replica of a 1970 Cadillac Coupe DeVille using papier mache. The car is emblazoned with basketball logos. The idea for the work stemmed from Cope’s house being the only one on the street without a car in the driveway. For reasons unknown to him he chose to make the Cadillac which measures almost 6m x 2m x 1.5m, of which he says, ‘It was a stupid idea, I wish I’d just made a Mini Cooper. It would have been a lot easier to make a Mini Cooper’.

Paulina Hortynska is exhibiting paintings influenced by travelling which are inspired by things that surround her from nature and the environment. This art represents figurative, abstract and surrealistic styles. The artist adds, ‘the most important thing for me is to use my imagination to characterize the atmosphere of an unusual world similar to a fairy tale’.

Sarah Misselbrook’s work addresses issues surrounding the body, the feminine and the feminist, drawing on personal, cultural and societal experiences. Her observations of natural life with its beauty, symmetry and perfection as well as its defence, aggression, self-preservation and ageing has provided raw material for her work. Misselbrook adds, ‘these works show the polarities of beauty and ugliness, ruining perfection by excessive consumption’.

Stephanie Moran is showing paintings from two new series, pictures for two girl bands which exist only in her head (as yet). The first of these is a Riot Grrrl group, ‘Sisters of SCUM’; the paintings show imaginary photoshoots based on mythological, fictional and real figures of female revenge. The second is a gothic/experimental band, ‘Tallulah and the Vampire Bees’, with influences from Mazzy Star, Daisy Chainsaw, the Raincoats and All About Eve. Like most pop songs, the paintings are about love and relationships.

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