Httyfat a great success!

With over 5500 visitors to the Paphos harbour based gallery, ‘How to Tell Yourself from a Television’ was extended until the 10th February to allow for the growing interest in this eclectic exhibition.

As one of the artists involved, I was responsible for invigilating which allowed me to witness the amazing public response. Visitor comments were insightful and press coverage extensive. Works were collected by Cypriot visitors and international tourists alike as well as commissions ordered.



Talk about going out on a high! I have since returned to the UK to continue creating work. My stay in Cyprus gave me the time, freedom, space and light to concentrate on looking and responding to my environment. And now I am back in the UK – the light is almost depressing, the traffic, people and consumable things – so many people yet I know no one.

I should be here for a few months and then I am on that search again for another place. A place other than this, space. Where is that again?


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