Territori Festival Ibiza

Hugely excited to be invited to perform at this year’s Territori Festival in Ibiza next month. I will be performing two works in different locations. One, a spoken word performance shouting from the rooftop and the other a site-specific bodily performance with religious connections.

Artistas #Territori2022 | Sarah Misselbrook – UK – España | ➡

Perching in the forest of Catalunya, Sarah Misselbrook’s research-based practice concerns the transient nature of material, body and environment. The artist’s fragile installations break down, 
mirroring the climatic devastation of floods and fire. 

Misselbrook was born in England, but has lived and worked outside of the country for over 15 years. Her off-grid olive farm studio environment is the base for live and recorded works, spoken word performances and site-specific land art. 

The artist performs obsessive acts of repetition, whilst making and installing her work. In a quest for something ‘other’, the works are an offering of hope for restoration.

@territorifestival #performanceart#ibiza#sitespecificart

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