Ermita 2.0

What an honour for two video works to be included in this touring group exhibition. Within the Terres de l’Ebre region, it is curated by artist Jaume Vidal Arasa. ‘Outside, Inside the Forest’ and ‘From This Distance’ are being shown alongside three other artists’ work. This will be on a rotation basis in four different rural locations and runs until the 30th July 2023. The inauguration took place on the 2nd of June, where I had the pleasure of presenting a new performance work.

Selection of images of the performance:

The two video works on show are described below:

“From This Distance” is an audio and visual artwork that features recorded voices of the artist and 24 other women from various countries around the world. The words, gathered over a period of 8 months, embody Misselbrook’s isolated practice in Catalonia. The collage of sound overlays images of the Ebro River and ants in the valley, inviting reflection on the themes of isolation and connection. The artwork creates a meditative and immersive experience for the viewer. (Click here to view full video work).

The artwork “Outside, Inside the Forest” by Sarah Misselbrook showcases the artist using a large flat rock as a platform for communication. From this vantage point, Misselbrook becomes the artist, audience, and valley, with echoes of her voice traveling into the abyss. Through her screams, she questions what a performance is without an audience and the power of the voice to connect and communicate. This context provides a deeper understanding of the themes of connection and the relationship between the natural world and human expression in the artwork. (Click here to view full video work).

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