DAR (Dones Artistes Rurals) – Terres del’Ebre

As part of this online project, I worked collaboratively with 8 other artists from the Terres de l’Ebre region in Catalunya.

The organisations, Tectonica Cultural and Arte Sostenible Association, offered personal and professional development through training sessions for professionalisation, promoting artistic production and supported the generation of collaborative projects to develop teamwork and encourage the creation of artistic collectives.

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DAR (Dones Artistes Rurals)

I am very excited to be part of this project, DAR – (Female rural artists), with huge thanks to Tectonica Cultural. Over the next couple of months we’ll be reflecting on our creative practice and identifying needs. We will be working collaboratively to inspire and develop ideas. I am looking forward to seeing what happens along the way.

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From this Distance (transcript)

What can I do from this distance?
To change local, national, global
To differ from, to dissent
What is this space in which I stand?
Art, artist, audience,
I embody all

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The Distance Between Us

This distance between…

My bones and your skin, my skin and your bark, my bark and your feathers.

My feathers and your fur, my fur and your scales… we have never been so close…

The distance between my skin and bone is painful, inscribed, marked, flawed,

Freeing, soaring outside of my ‘self’, the eagle takes up the baton…

The swallowtail’s wing scatters these words from West to East, left to right, you to me.

Conversations and connections cutting across continents, cast in concrete…

As the heat intensifies, I am hapless, helpless and limp with fatigue, rare water freshens by bones along with the cracks in the soil.

Longing to bring family together, the season is drawn out, dry and full of anxiety, for this fire is burning and I can feel it from here. 

This distance between… my thoughts and your words, my day and your night, my heat and your rain.

My skin and your touch, my breath and your air… we have never been so close.

Interview for Lacuna Festivals – Distance 2021

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The year is 2020

The year is 2020.
It has been a time to pause.
A time to reflect.
Time has been a strange concept this year.
Time to focus.
On what matters.
On matter.

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Return to the forest

to this body
a vessel
In which I swim through the world
With childlike wonder

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As part of Chapel Arts Studios ‘Inside: Outside Laboratory of Dissent 2′ at Winchester School of Art, artist Maija Liepins invited me ‘in’ to connect, digitally, through text. A poetic ‘conversational baton’ was passed each morning for one week for more or less one hour between myself and Maija.

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Outside, inside the Forest

As part of the Chapel Art Studios Inside/Outside Symposium for the Laboratory of Dissent 2019 in Winchester Art School, I was given the opportunity to ‘rant’ for 5 minutes.

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What we lose in the fire

A violent stab of loneliness,
swimming between spaces,
fuelling an insatiable hunger,
then out of the darkness
I return to the forest

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