Upon Reflection 2020


A reflective process looking back over 20 years of the artist’s multidisciplinary practice. The book presents observational sketches, photography of processes and performances to camera, gallery-based exhibitions, site-specific sculptural installations and the written word.

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A-N Blogs – Book Review


‘Upon Reflection’ by Sarah Misselbrook review – into the forest.

‘Upon Reflection 2020’ foreword author Maija Liepins has written a full book review for the A-N Blogs.

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Dark Mountain: Issue 17


Documentation of the performative installations ‘Inside the Forest’ 2019, created in the cremated forest of Maials in Catalunya, is featured in the latest edition of Dark Mountain. With a focus on restoration and regrowth the book features poetry, writing and artwork with this them as the connection. The book is available to purchase on this link. read more »

Critical Moss


‘Critical Moss’ Art beyond the bubble, edited by Aldobranti, focusses on a group of artists living and working in an isolated environment and the challenges that come with this situation. read more »

Art that brings ashes to life


“Art que reneix les cendres” – which is Catalan for Art that brings ashes to life is the title of a recent article in the Lectura supplement of the Segre Diari newspaper. read more »

Art as a seed to revive forests


A quote from organiser Lidia Sabate about the recent sculptural installation in the cremated forest, “One of the installations that caught my attention has been that of Sarah Misselbrook.

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‘Maials gives life to its ashes’… The burnt territory of Maials caused by the huge forest fire this summer in the Ribera d’Ebre region will be converted this weekend into an open air gallery. 30 artists from all over Catalunya read more »

a-n Block_Chain>The Power of Two


This project has been reviewed by Maija Leipins, CAS programme manager. ‘I click on the link and an image appears – On a mountainside in Catalunya, Sarah Misselbrook chokes back the ashes of her ‘facemask’ of incinerated charcoal drawing… read more »

The Ecological Citizen


The Ecological Citizen: A peer-reviewed ecocentric journal
Misselbrook’s works are featured in Issue 2 of The Ecological Citizen available to read in full for free by clicking here. read more »

Oliver Hall’s mural in Catalonia


Publication: Daily Echo
Written by: Rachel Adams

IT’S the European fight for independence that has shocked the world. read more »