From this Distance, 2021/22. Recorded written word artwork.

Words collected during the last 8 months embodying the artist’s practice in the isolated environment of The Valley, Catalunya. The artist invited 24 other people to record their voices and send them digitally from across the world. Misselbrook has edited them together to form a sound collage layered over visuals of the River Ebro and ants in The Valley.

With special thanks to…
Veera Ranki (Finland)
Eli Saville (UK)
Caroline Misselbrook (UK)
Abi Bright (UK)
Daryl Thornton (UK)
Maija Liepins (Australia)
Romina Cristi (Chile)
Anna Georghiou (Cyprus)
Piedad Galindo (Spain)
Clare Carter (UK)
Janine Wolters (Netherlands)
Nina Pancheva (Bulgaria)
Jayne Ede (UK)
Carys Wilson (UK)
Mireia Simon (Catalunya)
Eleri Lloyd (Wales)
Naomi Pickett (UK)
Eileen Misselbrook (UK)
Steffanie Baumann (Germany)
Louise Butler (UK)
Alita Bustamante (Chile)
Jaclyn Bernadzikowski (USA)
Mia Baumann (Germany)
Ria Breedveld (Netherlands)

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