Responding to your whispers

Intrigued by the imposed audio limitations placed upon your artist group, I can assure you that your whispers are coming through ‘loud and clear’.

Observing you on your ‘island’, your cell, I can connect with you from my ‘natural soapbox’ (a large protruding rock within the valley). I will respond with a ‘rant’ with a self-imposed limitation that it should come from this place. However, the quest for clarity of thought, of word, of action risks going unseen.

The ‘soapbox’ rock

The exploration of working in ‘place’ and responding to environment continues to pose questions and opportunities. Reacting to existing structures within a forest fire affected area in Maials, Catalunya (in this case a metal cage that once held a water container to feed wild boar – in your group’s case windows, doors and institutional architecture). How do we ‘act in place’ and do these actions require participants, audience, challengers to ensure a dialogue?

Cage… surviving structure within forest fire affected area

As with all continued investigation, I seem to be on some kind of disciplined quest for ‘something’ (different/alternative/opting into). The quest is futile, however, as within this action/this practice the perfectly formed, pure white, clinical structures fracture within the making process as well as filling with ash upon installation. These ash filled veins of fig leaf impressions become something else.

‘The ash filled veins of fig leaf impressions become something else’

This ‘place’ I am in – ‘off-grid’ with no immediate neighbours, immersed in a private valley, there are no ‘audio limitations’ – I can SHOUT as loud as I possibly can, but are you listening? What good is this LOUD, solitary voice if it is not within range? Are your whispers are LOUDER… I can shout but who’s listening, you must control your volume but your audience is straining to listen to your words.

Shouting in isolation, in this vacuum outside the system, against your whispers-in-company… does my echo reach you?

Whispers on the inside – echoes in the distance

Therein lies the dissent… in the relentless pursuit of something ‘other’


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