Urban Soul festival

Sarah Misselbrook has been invited by the Pantheon Cultural Association to participant in the Urban Soul Festival.

The Festival targets to bring upcoming, established and prominent fine artists together for one day, to present their work to the wider public and thus give their presence within the growing art scene of the island.

Misselbrook will present ‘Misplaced’, a digital print on banner which will be suspended in the park throughout the festival. To accompany this, the artist will be present at the event wearing the steel sculpture for all visitors to witness.

“Who do you put first? We believe we all have a place at the table. Within the sculpture, I am ‘Misplaced’. A steel framework acts as a corseted cage to my body with elongated arms into knife and fork impossible to bend. If I were to choose to feed myself, I would starve. It has become impossible due to these metal attachments. It is our choice to create a ‘heaven’ or a ‘hell’ here on earth.” Sarah Misselbrook, July 2008.

The Pantheon Urban Soul Festival will be held on Saturday September 27th 2008 Tripoli Public Park (in the moat of the Nicosia walls, between Solomou square and Omirou Avenue), Nicosia, Cyprus.. 12.00pm until 12.00am.

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