‘Affirmation’ pulls in the crowds!

Misselbrook’s latest solo show ‘Affirmation’, installed at the newly opened bargate monument gallery, saw visitor numbers of over four and a half thousand. Open to the public from 31st May to 28th July 2006, Wed to Fri 12-6, Sat Sun 12-4, the bargate monument gallery saw visitors from all over the country following publicity on the internet, radio, newspapers and in the Art Review. The show opened with three successful private views seeing audiences of councillors, local businesses and artist/gallery peers.

“I was honoured to be approaced by a space arts organisation to be the first to exhibit in their newly opened gallery space. As a Southampton born artist, the prospect of exhibiting the latest body of work in my home town was even more of a personal achievement. The juxtaposition of historic site and contemporary interior and anti-consumerist concepts within a commercial environment allowed this show to be seen in its most powerful context.” Sarah Misselbrook, artist.

“Misselbrook was the natural choice of artists to open the gallery, highlighting the importance of showcasing emerging local talent. We are overwhelmed by both visitor numbers and positive public response.”
Dan Crow, a space arts organisation.

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