Winchester School of Art, Winchester, UK

‘Pause’ presented further exploration using video recorded performances with edible paper to purge words in order to communicate with the viewer, exhibited in this ‘Interim show’ closeted within a box with small peephole for viewing.

The use of found objects becomes a new focus for my practice, taking already emotionally, historically and culturally charged artefacts and making decisive gestures as interferences is a new and very exciting trajectory for me. A set of encyclopaedias embodied the concept of de-sullying, purifying and removing knowledge by chastising, bolting, chaining and padlocking the books into an impenetrable circle. Sculptural installations presented plaster vulvic forms in pools of fat displayed on a circular dinner table.

‘The interim exhibition shows a strong and manifold presentation of the artist’s works. Experimenting with a range of materials and processes, the work still shows a distinct coherency. Exploring important issues and a connection to materials which is sensitive and inventive producing some intriguing forms.’ (Kjetil Berge)

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