NLCS, Jeju, South Korea

‘Con-nec-ted’ is the installation of works produced within a student focussed project during the school’s Arts Festival. The project involved a series of skill based workshops including body casting, charcoal making, plaster drawing and clay impression casting as well as live performances. It also involved a series of lectures around the concept of globalism, local versus global culture and environment and a focussed presentation on my practice and exhibition and commission history.

These workshops culminated in the creation and installation of this semi permanent series of sculptural works within the school environment. The students were encouraged to notice, study, obsess, question, connect and then represent personal, local and global commonalities within the physical, cultural and social environment.

The physical display of the artworks results in a lasting legacy both for the students/staff involved in the project, future students to the school and for me as an artist. The works are the physical evidence of a moment in time, a transient experience, an ephemeral process embodied in works of art for continuous viewing. The display creates a tangible, quantifiable outcome for both artist and school, a result of the workshops and performances and ideas/concepts which are transient. The resulting display offers something to view, to draw from, to discuss and debate, inspire new ideas, teach about installation art within a specific space.

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