Vienna visit

A visit to Vienna includes visiting exhibitions, wondering through the old streets, eating at various plant based venues and searching for a strong enough coffee to continue the next day. The film festival is during my visit, I watch Nils Frahm whilst I work my way through the craft beer on offer.

A welcome break from the heat of the Catalan mountains, Vienna is a pleasant 28 degrees with cloud and a little rain, perfect conditions to walk non-stop for 4 days. The whole city has a cultured air, which is only intensified when reaching the MQ (Museum Quarter). The architecture (Mumok especially) and socially engaging seating within the courtyard creates such a wonderfully relaxed environment where I could spend hours contemplating.

A few minutes from my accommodation is the Belvedere 21 gallery which houses the touring show by Rachel Whiteread. A retrospective spanning 30 years presents moments both of seriousness and playfulness; of large scale, stark monochrome contrast and of smaller scale, colourful palette compositions. Works with a soul, with a story yet no obvious narrative, curated successfully in a single space. A strong connection lies between artist and place, with Whiteread’s previously designed Holocaust Monument in the Jewish Quarter of the City.

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