As part of Chapel Arts Studios ‘Inside: Outside Laboratory of Dissent 2′ at Winchester School of Art, artist Maija Liepins invited me ‘in’ to connect, digitally, through text. A poetic ‘conversational baton’ was passed each morning for one week for more or less one hour between myself and Maija.

This invitation to collaborate over Whatsapp has explored themes such as self, belonging, migration, femininity, research as practice, performer, audience and exhibition. For me personally, it has felt like a dissenting action to be using my words primarily, but also as research from outside the constructs of the gallery space and in a way ‘butting in’ to an already framed project.

Excerpt from conversational poetry.

Sarah says:

It is as if
By the mere act of typing
These words
I am defying
Those who always said
Could do better
A gifted draftsman
But not a natural writer
And yet,
Responding to you
Is becoming
A new form of expression
In which
I, for now, belong
So thank you.

Maija would begin with an opening statement or phrase, then I was invited to respond. As, up until now, a practitioner who works predominantly within visual based media, albeit muli-disciplinary, I have only recently begun to explore the written word and its unlimited potential for creative action and reaction.

The ‘non face-to-face connection’ has resulted in a series of free-flowing words ebbing and flowing as if chatting and challenging across the Channel, awaiting a new tide each morning bringing with it another verse.

Excerpt from conversational poetry.

Sarah says:

the ebb and flow
of belonging
or not,
the administration of a normal life
as a dead weight
pulling at my ankles
I long to float
Like your lily pad
Skimming the surface but deeply knowing
What is not the way forward
With strong capillary action
or not,
depending on the day
I am precious, as all animals are
I, a lone tree, within this forest,
In the November wind
For now,
but perhaps
not forever more
This valley with its trees,
abnormally large toads
Wondering the valley looking for their someone to save
And when I am on the rock
The soapbox
With nothing to say
I can merely respond
To your beautifully descriptive prose
Which seems
Conflicted, yes
Rightly demanding space
Not the physical jutting for the clinical
No, not the institutional
But the metaphorical
A harmonious co-existence
A balanced
Death and life
Do not search for resolution
Only the next question
In this series
Of existing
Ask the trees
Feel that wind
On your skin
Build the structure
Stand alone
They will listen
As will I.

The full conversation can be found here.

Featuring the resulting conversational poetry between Maija Liepins and Sarah Misselbrook, the full video/ installation entitled ‘Zeitgeist Non-Grata’ is on show at Winchester Gallery until Friday 6th December. Get along to see the works and talk to the artists, be part of it!


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