Introducing Sarah Misselbrook

My name is Sarah Misselbrook. I am a conceptual female artist from Southampton, UK and I would like to take this opportunity to tell you more about where my ideas come from, who I am as an artist and how I feel about stuff. I have produced work for exhibitions, commissions and residencies for over 15 years and my website, originally launched in February 2006, includes an on-line gallery showing the multi-media approach to conveying my ideas. It has always been with great urgency, the need to create. I can say so much more within a drawing, photograph or sculpture. It is in the making of artwork that I feel and think clearly; a determined form of communication which purges my system. My voice is not heard and I cannot put into words what I am trying to say through the artwork, maybe it is too close, too personal and that the work is detached from me it can therefore speaks on my behalf. My inspiration stems from a basic need to feel content. Content in life, in society, in my body. It is as if through the focussed creative act I can somehow transcend this body and gain a sense of weightlessness, of not needing to ‘belong’, to sign up to a societal prescription. And my work produced? It attempts to question why I/we feel this way in the first place. Who am I/are we listening to?

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