Fragility and the transient

Fragility and the transient – immersing myself in the nature of this place, the fragility of plants yet their dogged determination and ability to continue to grow. Being this close to nature constantly reminds me of my transience. These trees have and will continue to out live me. I will do what I can while I am here to nourish, nurture and appreciate their fruit.

Reflecting this within my practice. The repetition of casting and producing objects, running parallel to the seasons and harvest, attempting to perfect but knowing such a thing does not exist. Finding joy in the imperfection, the broken pieces, the shattered, in ‘Calvari’ for example. Then saving these precious pieces and displaying or installing them in an attempt to communicate the process. The balance of life and death and light and dark becomes so apparent here that I find myself physically and mentally more in rhythm with it all.

There is now a reluctance to exist within these four walls. A realisation that this is not where I am supposed to be. This year will see the construction of an alternative studio space within this natural environment.

Fragility and the transient

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