Gender and feminism

Starting points of the work of the artist Sarah Misselbrook.

The artist presented the performance ‘Resilient’, on November 9 at the Mèdol, as part of the reflection program on art and the environment of ‘Cultura Verda’. The reflection on art and the environment of ‘Cultura Verda’ has returned one more autumn to Mèdol, Center for Contemporary Arts in Tarragona.

November 9th, a day of reflection on contemporary arts was organised, with the participation of Xavi Bou, with the talk “Ornitographies”, and the performance of the British artist resident in Riba-roja d’Ebre, Sarah Misselbrook. Gender, feminism or the body as a canvas are the starting points for the work of Sarah Misselbrook, an artist fascinated by individual control, consumption and the resulting environmental effects.

To all this must be added Sarah’s need to connect with nature, with the environment and its evolution. At the ‘Cultura Verda’ day, it was possible to learn about part of her work, through the performance ‘Resilient’ (Click here to view more). The interview conducted by Òscar Ramírez, before the presentation of the performance in Tarragona, will allow us to delve deeper into the artist’s work.

You can read the interview in full at Tarragona Cultura Digital.

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