Dark Mountain: Issue 17

Documentation of the performative installations ‘Inside the Forest’ 2019, created in the cremated forest of Maials in Catalunya, is featured in the latest edition of Dark Mountain. With a focus on restoration and regrowth the book features poetry, writing and artwork with this them as the connection. The book is available to purchase on this link.

Perching in the forest of Catalunya, Sarah Misselbrook’s research-based practice concerns the transient nature of material and environment. Fragile installations breakdown, mirroring devastation of floods and fire. Performing obsessive acts of repetition, whilst making and installing the work, the artist searches for something other. An offering of hope for restoration.

Extract… “The time spent in the forest was all-consuming. In the visual palette of greys and blacks, only the bright blue sky offered some relief. The fig leaves were a crisp, white, clinical offering to this place…”

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