‘1m2’ on show at Southampton City Art Gallery

With thanks to Tim Craven at Southampton City Art Gallery and Dan Crow of a space arts organisation, Sarah Misselbrook’s 1m2 life size sculpture in plaster and steel was on show at the main Southampton City Art Gallery for the duration of ‘affirmation’ at the bargate monument gallery.

To show support for the new gallery space, Tim Craven of Southampton City Art Gallery invited Misselbrook to loan 1m2 to be shown alongside the permanent collection including works by Gormley and Chadwick.

“I feel this is a fantastic achievement personally but more importantly a reflection of the support and encouragement from these establishments showing such a positive investment in artists’  careers.” Sarah Misselbrook, artist.

1m2 presents a full, solid plaster cast from the artist’s body using mod-roc and silicone mould-making processes. The figure is restricted not only by its material constraints but also the made to measure steel cage simultaneously confining and defending the body. Empathy is offered at a distance due to the threatening steel spikes protruding from the spinal column. Social and political norms/ demands on ‘the body’ as well as the juxtaposition of sculptural materials attempt to question what we consider private or public, grotesque or normal.

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