The Distance Between Us- Lacuna Festivals 2021

The Distance Between Us

On Thursday 22nd July, Lacuna Festivals hosted an online zoom event. This was an opportunity to present the digital collaboration, ‘The Distance Between Us’, and to field questions and continue the conversation with the guests. To view the full recording press play on the embedded video below.

The project.

A five day/night collaboration took place between the three artists; Ria Breedveld (Netherlands), Alexandra Bustamante (Chile) and Sarah Misselbrook (Catalunya).

The cross-continental conversation took place via WhatsApp, with the sharing of audio, visual and written works all created under this year’s Lacuna festivals theme of ‘Distance’.

The event presented the findings from this project and offered an opportunity to hear from and speak to the artists as well as launch a co-creation poetry project.

Co-creation poetry project.

At the event, the festival organisers, Sarah-Jane and Simon, launched a participation project ‘The Distance Between Us’. Sarah-Jane says ‘inspired by the co-creation project of the same name by Alita Bustamante, Ria Breedveld and Sarah Misselbrook.

The aim of the project is to co-create a written piece, with people from all over the world taking part. Alita, Ria and Sarah have started the piece off by contributing two lines each. To take part, in this piece, simply add the next two lines!’

The rules are simple: Click here to visit the Lacuna Festivals ‘Take Part’ page. You will see ‘The Distance Between Us’ and then just follow the next steps…

1. Add two lines at a time and no extra information or text or the flow of the writing will be interrupted. 

2. You can contribute multiple times but please allow two others to post before you contribute again.

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