Perfecting… Ruining…

‘Nature is us all in the end’… Olive trees, Fig trees, Skulls & Bones, Plants, Skin, Death, Decay, Growth… This quest for an unattainable perfection… cleaning, scrubbing, improving, making, remaking, attempting, controlling, ruining, reflecting… ‘we make things – in turn they remake us’… Working in this environment: sculpting, constructing, plastering – recording the imperfections, cracks and decay.

The photos above are taken in and around my studio – glass bottles, plaster, clay soil, dirt and dust, plants surviving with very little water, growing through cracks in the old, stone terraced walls, in contrast to the sharp, measured lines of drawing boards within a box like structure.

The clay soil is dry and cracking after a long dry winter and unusually warm temperatures, I started to wash the cracks and try to reattach the soil.

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