Artist statement

My work is a way of exorcising something from myself, which is very emotional, maybe troubled. I become a subject who produces that which is visible. It is my silent, non-verbal response.

My practice involves digital photography, the manipulation of my body using this process, documentation of hair growth and removal, cleansing, grooming, this relentless self surveillance and obedience.

There are a multiplicity of socio-cultural concerns about femininity and feminism, about the body, about individual control and consumption within a consumer society. Food is the medium through which women are addressed, in turn; food has become the language of women’s response.

The artwork is a play on traditional sculptural concerns, the process of adding or taking away. However, this is not achieved using stone or wood but chocolate or soap, degradable or even edible materials which underline the transient state of the body. The final works show the seductive yet repellent nature of human anatomy. They embody ways of externalising a very internalised self-analysis of the body personal.

Whether a morbid curiosity or a therapeutic exercise, this ‘body’ of work has been an insight into myself. Self mind; not image.

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