Chocol-art and film classics: it’s still art

Publication: Eden
Written by: Katherine Cleave

In spite of the recent publicised survey that the British are a nation of art illiterates, Eden’s Katherine Cleave has been on a cultural shopping spree, visiting art galleries in Chiswick, Fulham and Noho – and she liked what she saw!

‘Following her exhibition last month, Sarah Misselbrook looks set to move from strength to strength. Her work has a certain silence to it particularly evident in ‘Followed’; skeletal vertebrae morph into a pair of cupped hands as though waiting for absolution. This piece has a certain timeless quality as though we are viewing the evolution of our species from skeletal remains to moulded skin with all its vulnerability.

The realisation that this piece is actually made from chocolate moulded onto stainless steel frame adds a touch of dry humour to a work that at first appears almost religious in tone. The smooth, pale chocolate echoes the marble statues of saints, and becomes particularly poignant from a female perspective when balanced with our less than saint like relationship with chocolate. In Sarah’s words, ‘There are a multiplicity of socio-cultural concerns about femininity and feminism; about the body, about individual control and consumption within a consumer society… Whether a morbid curiosity or a therapeutic exercise, this ‘body’ of work is an insight into myself.’ (Michael Naimski Gallery)


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