Conformation, 2011. School desks, plaster, nails & mallet.

Anatomical plaster casts from sculpted clay scapulas are produced in multiples, followed by playing with the risk of fragility during the process itself and controlled with the mallet in retrospect. A series of traditional school desks are manipulated through cutting, burning and scratching. Floor standing and leaning against walls, they are gathering in conformation of an order, a following to an unknown destination.

‘The final exhibition presents an ambitious, multifaceted installation that encompasses the breadth of the concerns that have preoccupied the artist this past year. This installation, ideally seen in a single space, progresses through a sequence of movements, spatial and temporal, physical and metaphysical, involving the viewer, imaginatively and intellectually, in a ‘journey’ that references, educational and religious institutions, interior and exterior spaces, bodily terrors and dream-like nature.’ (Beth Harland & Nick Stewart)

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