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The Distance Between Us


As part of the Lacuna Festivals 2021, on the theme Distance, we have launched a collaborative written word work. To take part just click here and add your 2 lines!

This participation project was inspired by the co-creation project of the same name by Alita Bustamante, Ria Breedveld and Sarah Misselbrook. The aim of the project is to cocreate a written piece, with people from all over the world taking part. Alita, Ria and Sarah have started the piece off by contributing two lines each.

Here’s my contribution so far…

This distance between… my bones and your skin, my skin and your bark, my bark and your feathers.
My feathers and your fur, my fur and your scales… we have never been so close.

The distance between my skin and bone is painful, inscribed, marked, flawed,
Freeing, soaring outside of my ‘self’, the eagle takes up the baton.

The Distance Between Us

To view the full recording of the online event which premiered the collaborative video work ‘The Distance Between Us’ click here!

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