Forest fire

The weekend of the 5th and 6th of October 2019 was an intense period spent moving between the burnt trees of the Maials area of the Ribera d’Ebre region of Catalunya, one of the affected areas of the forest fire in June of this year.

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Having lived and worked in Southampton for many years, I am now producing work from a completely off-grid, rural location in the Catalan mountains.

My work could be related to the theme of dissent with regards to my studio setup, out of the system, solar-powered, alternative as well as the work itself relating to certain gender stereotyping and attempting to interrupt behaviours. Llegeix més »

Purge II

‘Purge II’ is an isolated, secretive performance behind closed doors but to camera presenting the artist purging communion wafers in a silent attempt to communicate with the viewer. Requesting or demanding a ‘following’ of sorts, as if a move towards the environment the artist inhabits is an inviting prospect.

The wafers are continuously regurgitated and what once was ‘inside’ the artist’s body is now presented ‘outside’ upon a wooden surface forming words for the viewer to follow and read. Living within an alternative existence ‘outside’ a prescribed societal norm, isolated and disconnected from the grid, the artist attempts to persuade and to recruit by means of throwing up her once consumed communion wafers. As if rejecting one form of following and suggesting another, an ‘other’, other

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Critical Moss

I am enveloped within a private olive grove valley, surrounded by the Catalan mountains with the nearest populated village of Riba-roja d’Ebre over 3km away. I visit the village at least once a week to absorb the rituals. The Catalan language still mystifies me, only having Spanish as my second language. Catalan has been protected within the home by women across generations. A strong cultural identity pervades this rural, underpopulated place. My studio, in the olive grove, is isolated, I have no neighbours, no ‘passers-by’. My family are in the UK, where I am originally from. My practice and daily life on this wild, off-grid finca merges into one. I chop wood, build, restore, prune trees, paisatge, harvest, moving around this place like some kind of performative act. Survival is a daily concern, collecting rain water for washing, ash from wood burners to compost waste, improving dry clay soil for cultivation. My movements and energies are specific to this place. A sense of closeness to the wildlife and the weather here in the valley creates at times a sensorial overload which can only be made sense of by presenting this connection within my art practice.

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Ordre del caos

Current research and investigation into an off-grid existence, which at this time of year feels like some sort of test of survival, fires become a site of ruin but offer much needed energy. The collection of the found objects which have survived the fire are then given value as an art object. They show the history of the ruin, they tell the story of the decimation and then are held in ordered compositions to present their new found level of importance, categorised in an attempt to find order from chaos.

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entre Espais

Make work, burn it,
How to make paint using ashes
No restrictions, no limitations, outside of the system,
the rules, the lines,
Who am I talking to? What am I challenging?
Are you still suppressing me, prescribing to me?
I am surreal,
Out of the darkness, I am here

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visita Viena

Una visita a Viena inclou exposicions temporals, preguntant pels carrers antics, menjar en diversos llocs d'origen vegetal i la recerca d'un cafè prou fort com per continuar al dia següent. El festival de cinema és durant la meva visita, Miro Nils Frahm mentre jo treball meu camí a través de la cervesa artesanal a l'oferta.

Un merescut descans de la calor de les muntanyes catalanes, Viena és una agradable 28 graus amb núvols i una mica de pluja, perfectes condicions per caminar sense parar durant 4 dies. Tota la ciutat té un aire cultivat, que només s'intensifica quan s'arriba al MQ (barri dels museus). l'arquitectura (MUMOK especialment) i seients socialment atractiva al pati crea un ambient tan meravellosament relaxat en el que podia passar hores contemplant. Llegeix més »

Pols a la pols

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El cicle de procés / cercle ha estat un experiment en el Block_Chain la potència de dos projectes; en primer lloc el dibuix esquerdes utilitzant carbó sobre paper, després cremar aquests dibuixos, les cendres guarden i s'utilitzen per crear la pintura. La pintura de cendra com la crema de bellesa o màscara, He aplicat a la cara, la meitat inferior, com si silenciándome, controlar la meva veu. Llegeix més »

matèria superficial

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