A l'interior del bosc

Juny 2019 va veure el pitjor incendi forestal a 25 anys a la Ribera d'Ebre de Catalunya sobre la crema 6000 hectàrees de pi, oliveres i ametllers. Com a part d'una iniciativa creativa titulat 'Cendrart' - 'Cendra' que significa cendra en català – Em van convidar a crear un lloc de treball específic per a l'exposició temporal dins del bosc cremat.

The initiative was in order to raise awareness of the incident and to give support to the fundraising group ‘Rebrotem’ meaning ‘we regrow’ in Catalan. I focussed on what I witness here in the mountains of Catalunya within nature. The ability of the fig tree to regrow after destruction, whether through controlled farming activities or forest fire. El cap de setmana del 5 i 6 d'd'octubre de 2019 was an intense period spent moving between the burnt trees of the Maials area of the Ribera d’Ebre region, one of the most affected area of countryside. Leaving my footprints within the deep ash floor, trying not to disturb the natural forms any more than had already been altered by the fire itself, I meticulously placed 350 fragile plaster leaves, impressions taken directly from fig leaves which had dropped from a local tree. The time spent in the forest was all consuming. The visual palette of greys and blacks, only the bright blue sky offered some relief. The fig leaves were a crisp, white, clinical offering to this place. No obstant això, with every movement and gust of wind, the ash soon filled the leaf veins creating a more beautiful nuanced surface. As if the leaves required this material to show them in their true beauty.

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