Arts week, Jeju

Speech made in Arts Week, June, 2014, NLCS, Jeju.

“Many thanks to the musicians for that wonderful performance. As a practising artist, born in Southampton and now living and working in Spain, I have travelled to Korea for the first time to work here, with outstanding students. I have been here for one week working in a creative studio environment which actively encourages risk taking and a conceptual approach to the making process. Art is a global language and offers us all the chance to explore common concern and preoccupations within an academic community.

This week’s arts festival underlines the importance of and celebrates the arts within the curriculum. We are exploring various creative processes this week from body casting to plaster painting and making our own charcoal all taking inspiration from the local environment and directly from the students themselves.

We will also be creating a live drawing performance as part of the factory event which we would like to invite you to take part in. Tomorrow from 1.30pm in the boys’ school, all we ask if that you bring a volcanic rock and your bodies!”   Sarah Misselbrook (June, 2014 at NLCS, Jeju).

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