Between Spaces, 2018. Performance, spoken word to camera.

Make work, burn it,
How to make paint using ashes
No restrictions, no limitations, outside of the system,
the rules, the lines,
Who am I talking to? What am I challenging?
Are you still suppressing me, prescribing to me?
I am surreal,
Out of the darkness, I am here

Perceive and observe however no one to witness
the performance
My actions
Recording and sharing with you
In this chain of events
Responding to you and observing you
it’s my fault
It is the unknown
The imperfect
The burnt and the ruined in this margin of mine
I inhabit this place and in turn it inhabits me
My words are from it
How much would my ashes weigh?
It controls me this place
Whether the weather allows
In the balance I exist
This life
This is life
Is this life?
Connecting to you
Disconnecting from you
Do my actions go unseen if I don’t record them?
The chain records me
I surveil myself and I share this information with you
Performances although this implies an audience
A life between light and dark
The horizon
I rely on this place
To notice and
to focus on this place
Following it’s tune
what is ash Wednesday?
Reacting to you
I am in the space between
The void
The far more intriguing
Negative me.

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