Art Review


Publication: Pout magazine

On Friday the 6th of August Southampton’s long forgotten old town will be given a new lease of life which will see this beautiful area of the city centre become a valued attraction for all manner of visitors and residents. read more »

Art nappers strike at city gallery


Publication: The Daily Echo
Written by: Sarah Cole

Forget the hunt for Edvard Munch’s The Scream – Hampshire art fans have a theft much closer to home to worry about. read more »

Sculpture vandalised: Artist fears


Publication: The Daily Echo
Written by: Sian Davies

Thieves ripped a potentially lethal six-inch metal spike from a sculpture read more »

Local artists celebrate going underground in the city


Publication: The Daily Echo
Picture by: Jess Husband

Champagne flowed as Southampton’s art world celebrated the opening of the city’s medieval vaults as exhibition venues. read more »

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