Having lived and worked in Southampton for many years, I am now producing work from a completely off-grid, rural location in the Catalan mountains.

My work could be related to the theme of dissent with regards to my studio setup, out of the system, solar-powered, alternative as well as the work itself relating to certain gender stereotyping and attempting to interrupt behaviours. Concepts within the work question gender identity, femininity as well as exploring the connectivity between our bodies and the built or natural environment. I create large scale site-specific sculptural installation and recorded performances which attempt to convey social, educational, religious and submissive acts to highlight the unachievable quest for ‘perfection’.

I am playing with interrupting controlled processes and displays using, in the first instance, obsessive acts of repetition in casting from moulds followed by subversive acts of destruction and interference in the casting process results in breakages and accidents, which become even more important.

I am interested in individual control and consumption. Obsessive and routine acts of measuring and perfecting envelops both my creative process whilst commenting on the disciplined quest for an unattainable bodily ‘perfection’ and simultaneously questioning this concept.

L'ús de la xocolata, sabó, làtex, sòl i cera, degradable or edible materials show my obsession with the seductive yet repellent nature of human anatomy. La vida, death, transience and fragility are explored within materials and processes which attempt to question some of the contemporary issues of sustainability, consumption and climatic change.

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