El ciudadano ecológico

El ciudadano ecológico: Una revista revisada por pares ecocéntrica
Las obras de Misselbrook se presentan en la edición 2 del ciudadano ecológico disponible para leer en su totalidad de forma gratuita haciendo hacer clic aquí.

Misselbrook’s works, produced on the volcanic island of Jeju in South Korea, take inspiration from her surroundings on the island focussing on local agricultural, environmental and socio-cultural practices. Con-ni-ted, produced and installed at the NLCS school, can be viewed in full aquí.

El ciudadano ecológico‘the journal, broadly speaking, covers ecocentrism and biocentrism, ecocentric and biocentric thinking, dark green ethics, Deep Ecology, conservation, wildlands, rewilding, Earth jurisprudence, Earth-centred law, and the Rights of Nature and Mother Earth.

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