Musgo crítica

‘Musgo crítico’ Arte más allá de la burbuja., editado por Aldobranti, se centra en un grupo de artistas que viven y trabajan en un entorno aislado y los desafíos que conlleva esta situación..

Resourcefulness, daily motivation, digital networking and an extremely strong and close connection with nature are concepts explored both within the essays and featured works.

Misselbrook’s ‘Dust to dustphotographic image, created as part of BlockChain The Power of Two for Chapel Arts Studios in January 2018, documents a performance using burnt drawings which have been transformed into ash paint and applied to the artist’s face. Cracks appear, akin to the ageing process, as the material dries. The burning of the drawings were used to keep warm by an open fire and simultaneously questioned the value of ‘art as objectwithin a remote, rural off-grid setting.

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