Territori, 8 dies : 8 terres, 2022. Live performance and documented process art.

Durant un 8 day residency in Ibiza with Territori performance art festival, the artist created a site-specific series of works based upon the soil of the island. 8 soil samples were collected from 8 different locations on the island. The artist then sieved this soil until it became a fine powder. Adding water the soil became a natural pigment for use as a mark making paint.

This paint was then used in a site-specific live performance with audience participation. The paint was placed in trays on the floor of the porch at the church of Sant Joan de Labritja. The artist dipped their feet and proceeded to walk along the clinical, white material rolled out in front of them. Then the feet were washed and the artist knelt waiting for the next participant.

No obstant això, the performance was not scripted and the audience were not aware that they were able to participate. Soon, one member of the audience dipped her feet and added her footprints to the material, sat on the chair waiting for her at the end and the artist washed her feet. Remaining knelt on the white cushion, the artist continued to wait for more participants.

After 30 acta, more than 10 audience members had added their footprints to the work and had their feet cleansed by the artist. A physical and spiritual connection over the creation of the large scale drawing using the soil pigment. Washing away our footprints, treading lightly and respectfully with a mindful approach to how we move through the world.

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