What we lose in the fire

A violent stab of loneliness,
swimming between spaces,
fuelling an insatiable hunger,
then out of the darkness
I return to the forest

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En respuesta a sus susurros

Intrigued by the imposed audio limitations placed upon your artist group, I can assure you that your whispers are coming through ‘loud and clear’.

Observing you on your ‘island’, your cell, I can connect with you from my ‘natural soapbox’ (a large protruding rock within the valley). I will respond with a ‘rantwith a self-imposed limitation that it should come from this place. Sin embargo, the quest for clarity of thought, of word, of action risks going unseen.

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En el interior del bosque

Junio 2019 saw the worst forest fire in 25 years in the Ribera d’Ebre region of Catalunya burning over 6000 hectares of pine, olive and almond trees. As part of a creative initiative entitled ‘Cendrart’ – ‘cendra’ meaning ash in CatalanI was invited to create a site-specific work for temporary exhibition within the cremated forest.

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incendio forestal

El fin de semana del 5 y 6 de de octubre de 2019 fue un período intenso pierde moviendo entre los árboles quemados de la zona de Maials de la comarca de la Ribera d'Ebre de Catalunya, una de las zonas afectadas del incendio forestal en junio de este año.

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