Parlant amb electricitat

CAIXA (Capella Arts Studios) partnered with artist’s writing project, Yellowfields to bring you this online event in celebration of International Women’s Day 2021.

With a central theme of ‘listening to women’s voices’, whether through conversation with each other, with material, with process and landscape, Talking with Electricity showcased a variety of films, readings and discussions which focus on different elements of the creative voice of women.

Misselbrook’s ‘rant’ titulat ‘Fora, A l'interior del bosc’ created in late 2019 was screened as an opening film to the event asking ‘Can you hear me?’ to the online audience and participators.

Still from ‘Outside, Dins del bosc ’, 2019.

The day’s programme featured; films, selected readings by artists involved in the critical writing project,Yellowfields, created by curator Georgia Hall, a focus on Susan Merrick’s participatory lockdown project, Conversations with Aldershot, created with Community Facilitator Candice Camacho, an artist Q&A and an opportunity to take part in a communal participatory walking activity with the artists which will be showcased online after the event.

Artists included;

Freya Dooley, Jade Montserrat, Katherine Smith, Nika Neelova, Roisin Sullivan, Sarah Misselbrook, Solveig Settemsdal, Susan Merrick.

This project was curated by Susan Francis for CAS (Capella Arts Studios) in collaboration with Georgia Hall of Yellowfields.

To view ‘Outside, A l'interior del bosc’ in full feu clic aquí.

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