Uniu-vos a nosaltres en línia el dijous 3 de desembre a les 19h

Per celebrar el llançament del nou llibre de Sarah Misselbrook 'Upon Reflection 2020', esteu convidats a unir-vos a nosaltres en un esdeveniment de transmissió en directe organitzat per October Books el dijous 3 de desembre a les 19h.

Click here to register for free!

The event will include the presentation of Misselbrook’s rant from the rock, 'Fora, inside the Forest’, as well as live conversational poetry between artists Sarah Misselbrook and Maija Liepins, plus a new, exclusive spoken word piece.

Click here to listen to a teaser of the conversational poetry!

We look forward to seeing you and hearing your thoughts, ideas and responses to the book, the work and the event!

You can purchase your copy of ‘Upon Reflection 2020for £16.99/16,99 euros (+p&p) from October Books within the UK, or internationally directly from the artist.

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