Laboratory of Dissent Symposium 2019

Excited to be taking part in this year’s dissent symposium with Chapel Arts Studios at Winchester School of Art on the 2nd of November. “In a climate of polarisation, join us to explore how dissent might be a creative action”… Launch eventget your tickets aquí

We currently live in an increasingly polarised society where for many reasons you can find yourself either ‘inside’ or ‘outside’. Divisions exist politically environmentally, ideologically, economically and socially. At the same time our understanding of our own identity is changing, lines are blurring between an online and offline world. Through conversation and creative participation we can learn more about ourselves, and working collaboratively.

Off the grid I am attempting to connect with you, can you hear me? #labofdissent2019 #offthegrid #disconnected #isolated Chapel Arts Studios #outside #inside

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