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"Uneix-te a Eileen Misselbrook, Caroline Misselbrook i Sarah Misselbrook el divendres 27 de març per a la inauguració de la seva exposició "Nature Collective" al Harbour Lights Cinema de Southampton. Les estampes i els originals estaran disponibles per a la compra i els refrescs proporcionats. L’espectacle es desenvoluparà fins el dimecres 22 d’abril.

La vida, death, regrowth, connexió, understanding…
‘Nature Collective’ is a celebration of each artist’s unique relationship with their immediate natural environment as well as an opportunity to identify recurring themes within their responses.

Eileen spends half of the year in Kerry, Ireland wandering the beaches and hedgerows. She works primarily with acrylic and oil paints to represent the wild Atlantic coastlines and mountainous landscapes.

Caroline uses inks and watercolours to create illustrations of the plants, animals, trees and hedgerows that she notices on long walks and wild camps in the Hampshire, Sussex and Wiltshire countryside.

Sarah lives on an eco-friendly off-grid olive farm in rural Catalunya where she wanders through the forest, valley and gardens for daily inspiration and returns to her studio to make detailed charcoal drawings.

Photography is a key element to all three artist’s creative processes, whether these images are used for reference only or become part of the body of work.


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  1. very lovely artworks

    congratulations to all three artists

    As public can not attend for the moment, why don’t show us a bit more .

    Take take all you

    a big hug



    Hola Josep! Thank you for your comment. Please click on to see more of the drawings I would have been exhibiting. Also you can see on Caroline Misselbrook and Eileen Misselbrook’s facebook page all their works from the exhibition. S xx

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