incendi forestal

El cap de setmana del 5 i 6 d'd'octubre de 2019 va ser un període intens perd movent entre els arbres cremats de la zona de Maials de la comarca de la Ribera d'Ebre de Catalunya, una de les zones afectades de l'incendi forestal al juny d'aquest any.

Leaving my footprints within the deep ash floor, trying not to disturb the natural forms any more than had already been altered by the fire itself.

I had already created multiple fig leaf impressions in plaster, over 200 in total produced in the weeks preceding the installation, with a view to being playful with them in an immediate sense, almost a carpeting of the ash floor. The fig symbolising the capacity to survive.

No obstant això, the more hours spent within the forest, my response to what had survived was overwhelming. A metal cage which supported a plastic water container, in place to offer wild animals a much needed drink, had survived the fire. This cage offered me some sort of protection and reassurance, I had to connect with it physically which led to a series of performances to camera using my body to interact with the cage itself and the ash covered floor.

I then collected as many lose burnt branches in the local area and began stacking them in the metal cage, creating some sort of defense line behind which I could place my body.

The act of collecting these branches was in effect a cleaning ritual of the forest floor but was futile as the area was due for forest management clearing in order to prevent further fire.

The time spent in the forest was all consuming. The visual palette of greys and blacks, only the bright blue sky offered some relief. The fig leaves were a crisp, white, clinical offering to this place. No obstant això, with every movement and gust of wind, the ash soon filled the leaf veins creating a more beautiful nuanced surface. As if the leaves required this material to show them in their true beauty.

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